Quick Start

Solve the Crosswordle by swapping the letters to the correct position. Tap two letters to swap their positions.

 Green letters  are in the correct position and can not be swapped.

 Yellow letters  are in the correct horizontal or vertical word but in a different position.

 Grey letters  are in the different horizontal or vertical word.

You will earn a star for each swap remaining at the end of the puzzle.

Good luck!


Crosswordle is an exciting combination of your classic Crossword and the modern Wordle you can play for free. The objective is to complete the puzzle by getting all the words correct by swapping letters around horizontal, vertical, and intersecting letterboxes without exhausting your remaining swap stock. 

If you’re looking for more games and a boatload of puzzles, you can do daily challenges and practice endlessly right here for free!

How to Play

Game Mechanics

To understand how to win the game, we have to first define the things you can see on the screen. It is a letter-based puzzle with multiple letterboxes or tiles intersecting with each other. However, unlike most online Crossword puzzles and games, you don’t have to enter characters or fill in the letterboxes with answers based on hints—the colors of the letters will provide the information you need and guide you instead!

Green letters are in the exactly right position and don’t need to be swapped or moved. They act as your primary clue for each word.

Yellow letters are in the right horizontal or vertical word, but not in the right position to get the correct word. You’ll have to shift them around until they change into green letters.

Grey letters are in the wrong place, so you’ll have to swap them into the right horizontal or vertical words to make them green.

All in all, you need to get the right answers by swapping around the letters to make all of them turn green! However, you can’t brute force (swap everything around and guess randomly until every letter becomes green) the puzzle, as you only have a limited amount of letter swaps available. So you’ll have to deduce the right word by looking at the green letters and swapping what letters you think are right.

To swap a letter, you have to click or tap on the letter you want to move, then click on the letter you want to switch places with. The letter you’re going to swap will become blue once you select it, and you can let go or deselect it by clicking it again and it will return to its original color. You’ll automatically win if you get all the words correct before your swap stock runs out.

Now that you know how the game works, it’s time to start playing!

Game Modes

Currently, there are two game modes available: Daily and Practice. Daily puzzles can only be played once and get replaced by a new set each day. Keep in mind that if you lose on a Daily Mode game, you cannot redo it again and will have to wait for the new one the next day. Most players treat Daily Mode as the challenging part of the game because you can’t retry.

Practice puzzles can endlessly be done, and are meant to train your guessing skill and understand the mechanics of the game. While you can’t retry the same set you failed in this mode, you can get a new game done right after it! To make an easy and enjoyable experience, practice makes perfect!

Both game modes award you with stars based on the number of swaps you had left after completing the set. On Daily Mode, you can get a winning streak and see the number of games you’ve won so far, which you can share with your friends and have a daily competition with!

What Makes the Game So Entertaining?

It is the perfect combination of the calculating challenge of your classic Crossword and the modern fun of Wordle. Crossword relies more on word knowledge while Wordle is based on guessing, which is brought together splendidly here! 

For example, while some free Crossword puzzles can get too long while you think of the right word and some Wordle games end too fast, Crosswordle is the perfect in-between for people looking for the right amount of challenge and randomness.

Gameplay Tips

If you're new to playing this game in particular and need some tips on how to win and get the best possible experience, here are some things to keep in mind!

Practice Makes Perfect

First-time players shouldn’t go immediately into Daily Mode until they learn how the system and swapping mechanics work. New players might think they can just try again if they fail their Daily Mode, but they can get disappointed their first try failed and they can’t retry. In that regard, it’s better to try Practice Mode first and have fun while learning the whole game.

Fill in the Words You Feel You Know the Answer First

When you start solving your first set, choosing the first vertical or horizontal word to work on can be tough, especially if there aren’t enough clue letters to piece the word together with. But the trick is to find the word you feel like you know most, then swap in letters you think are correct carefully and decisively. Once you get a word or two correct, the others will start becoming clearer to you as well!

Mind Your Swap Count

This is one of the most important things to remember while playing the game! After each guess, don’t forget that you have a limited amount of letter swaps, so don’t move letters around randomly, especially in Daily Mode. Mind your letter positioning as well if you’re looking to max out the number of stars you want to earn by completing the set. The fewer swaps you make to complete the game, the higher your final score will be!